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Unofficial Quora API for scraping questions and answers for each question.

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glaring_license opened this issue
a year ago

Hey hey!

Quick question, I'm performing a search for divbyzero.com and it's not finding any results to scrape. However if I search Quora https://www.quora.com/search?q=divbyzero.com I get one. Any idea why that's happening?

Thanks Max

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Hi Max! This scraper searches by questions, via adding &type=question query param (equivalent of selecting Questions in the left sidebar). The result you get is only present when you select All types or Answers. Do you want to search by other types as well?

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a year ago

Make sense thanks for the quick answer!

I think in general I'd prefer to get everything but I guess it increases complexity... I don't have an urgent need to that regard so I think it's ok as it is!

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