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7 days trial then $40.00/month - No credit card required now

Gets you product data from Amazon. Unofficial API. Scrapes and downloads product information without using the Amazon API, including reviews, prices, descriptions.

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Couldnt return anything


kanwaradnan_amazon opened this issue
3 months ago

It cralwed and returned nothing .

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thanks for reaching out. The problem seems to be the entered Timeout, it's been set to 10 seconds at one run and 60 seconds at the other.

Try to leave it as it is as default - 3600 seconds, or set it higher if the runs will keep returning the same status message ("The Actor timed out. You can resurrect it with more timeout to continue where you left off."). See the printscreen attached for details.

I'm going to close the issue for now, but if it keeps failing or anything else comes up, please let us know.

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