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Twitter is an online social media and social networking service owned and operated by American company X Corp., the legal successor of Twitter, Inc. Twitter users outside the United States are legally served by the Ireland-based Twitter International Unlimited Company, which makes these users subject to Irish and European Union data protection laws[9][10]

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For complete scraping other Twitter Resources please use 🐦 Twitter X-Plorer Actor.

HTTP Cookies

Some function need auth_token to work properly (required sign-in to When you receive log error something like below, then probably you need to supply parameters with auth_token value.

1❌ Authorization: Denied by access control: unspecified reason
2❌ HTTP error 404: Not Found

Important Notes :

  • This is NOT your APIFY Token, instead a value from your browser cookie, named auth_token.
  • Use this only if necessary, as it have risk your account getting blocked by @elonmusk.
  • Your cookies is your SECRET. Please don't share it with someone else.
  • The auth_token value will always valid until you logged out from

To get auth_token cookie value :

  1. Login to
  2. Open Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I)
  3. Open Application Tab
  4. On left panel, go to: Storage -> Cookies ->
  5. Find cookie named auth_token (40 characters string value).
  6. Copy & Paste Here :
2	"query": "python software engineer",

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