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This actor sends messages to Slack automatically. It can be used instead of email notifications and is ideal to combine with other actors monitoring successful runs, errors, etc.

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invalid_auth with latest build


cs_qa opened this issue
5 months ago

When using the latest build, we place the token in the new encrypted field and get:

ERROR The function passed to Apify.main() threw an exception: Error: An API error occurred: invalid_auth at Object.platformErrorFromResult (/home/myuser/node_modules/@slack/web-api/dist/errors.js:50:33) at WebClient.apiCall (/home/myuser/node_modules/@slack/web-api/dist/WebClient.js:503:28) at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5) at async /home/myuser/src/main.js:11:20 at async run (/home/myuser/node_modules/apify/build/actor.js:194:13)

reverting to the previous build 0.0.19 with the regular text field for the same token still works.

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  • Created in Apr 2020
  • Modified 5 months ago