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Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator
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Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator

Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator

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Run multiple locations and search terms together with parallel runs for maximum speed.

Google Maps Task ID


See the top level description for instructions how to get the task ID.



A list of locations. Each location will trigger at least one Google Maps Scraper run

Location common prefix


The prefix will be added to each location in the list, eg. 'USA, New York', 'USA, Los Angeles', 'USA, Chicago'

Limit search terms per run


By limiting number of search terms per run, you can parallelize your scraping more to make it faster. The potential disadvantage is that similar search terms split in other runs could scrape the same place again wasting some resources (it gets deduplicated later). So the best way to split is that each chunk has non-similar keywords to other chunks. The default value of 999999 means that each run will process all search terms for one location.

Default value of this property is 999999

Limit concurrent runs


By default the orchestrator will run Google Maps Scraper runs up to your account memory. Here you can limit that.

Default value of this property is 999

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