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Rebirth failed requests


Rebirth failed requests of past runs into a pristine state with no retries so you can rescrape them by resurrecting the run.

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Rebirth failed requests

There isn't an easy way on Apify to retry fully failed (or just handled) requests. This actor allows you to set those requests to pristine unhandled state with 0 retries so you can resurrect the run and process them again.

How it works

Unfortunately, there is no way to get a list of requests out of the request queue. To work around this, this actor scans a log of the runs and looks for a standard format that logs a failed request with ID or a retry count. It collects all request IDs and then sets them to unhandled state and lowers retryCount to 0.


  • Runs must use request queue. (Request list support might be added in the future)
  • Runs must contain failed requests in the log in standard format, e.g. {"url":"","retryCount":1,"id":"gBo6trryU3dDU04"}
  • Log must not be cut out by being too big, otherwise some failed requests might be missed
  • The run be will resurrected with only the rebirth requests non-handled in the queue so any state has to work with that setting (usually should be fine).

How to run

Detailed input description is available on actor's page.

  • You can provide either:
    • run IDs to scan for requests to be rebirth
    • actor or task ID with combination of dates to find all runs in that timespan (to scan for requests to be rebirth)
  • After requests are rebirth, you will see unhandled requests in the runs and you can resurrect the runs to get them processed again
  • You can check automatic resurrecting of runs with specified concurrency (to work with your max memory limit)


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