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Keyword Research Tool


A simple free keyword planner tool. It provides alternatives for your keywords which might push you higher in your SEO ranking. Get Monthly search volume, competition or info about page bids.

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Keyword Research Tool

Free trial for 7 days

Then $35/month

A simple keyword research tool. Retrieve related keywords, monthly search volume, page bids, and competition.

Use Cases

You can use this actor to optimize your SEO, gain keyword information about competitors, and more.


This actor requires a list of keywords to be scraped. Optionally, you can supply a Location ID to change the targeted country.


The actor stores its result in the default dataset associated with the actor run. It can be then exported to various formats, such as JSON, XML, CSV or Excel.

Each returned keyword in the dataset will contain a seperate object that follows this format (JSON is used below):

  "keywordText": "apify",
  "competition": "LOW",
  "competitionIndex": 5,
  "searchVolume": 4400,
  "lowTopPageBid": 2.63,
  "highTopPageBid": 3.63,
  "baseKeyword": "apify"


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