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Shopee Api Scraper

Shopee Api Scraper

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14 days trial then $50.00/month - No credit card required now

Query Shopee's unofficial API for product searches by keyword, category, or shop. Access detailed information including prices, orders, stock levels, and ratings. Also retrieve related entities like the category tree, shop listings, and keyword suggestions.

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Actor run cost has been increased with latest update


IraCommerce_apify opened this issue
3 months ago

The cost per 1000 requests was approximately $1.2 prior to the update. Following the update, it has increased to $2.6. Please advise if any settings need to be adjusted before initiating the actor.

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Hi, this is because I haven't have time to re-enable optimizations since the last update (such as caching and fingerprint injection). My goal was to release a working version as fast as possible after Shopee's update, then improve the performance later. I had to switch from Puppeteer to the low-level CDP protocol, so it takes time to re-enable all the optimizations as I need to re-implement some Puppeteer functions.

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  • 83 monthly users
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  • 99.7% runs succeeded
  • 9.4 hours response time
  • Created in Jan 2024
  • Modified 7 days ago