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Shopee Api Scraper

Shopee Api Scraper

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Query Shopee's unofficial API for product searches by keyword, category, or shop. Access detailed information including prices, orders, stock levels, and ratings. Also retrieve related entities like the category tree, shop listings, and keyword suggestions.

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Crawler fails to capture "get_shop_base" API response


best_maelstrom opened this issue
2 months ago


Crawler is failing to capture "get_shop_base" API response.

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Hi, can you try again with another proxy provider? Like DataImpulse, LunaProxy or IP Royal?

Also, does it fail with other stores? such as ""

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2 months ago

Hi Marc,

I tested with premium proxies (Residential with geo-targeting enabled), but no luck.

Yes, The request API is failing for other stores as well.

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Can you try with "maxConcurrency": 1 and "minConcurrency": 1 ?

Usually, concurrency = number of CPUs, if not the Apify machine is overloaded.

For info I also have a SaaS version of this scraper, where customers scrape continuously at 5 to 13 requests per second (depending on their need). If you are interested you can contact me on Whatsapp (+86 135 8870 8497), Discord (marcplouhinec) or Wechat (marcbusyhome).

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