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Shopee Api Scraper

Shopee Api Scraper

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14 days trial then $50.00/month - No credit card required now

Query Shopee's unofficial API for product searches by keyword, category, or shop. Access detailed information including prices, orders, stock levels, and ratings. Also retrieve related entities like the category tree, shop listings, and keyword suggestions.

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seru1 opened this issue
3 days ago

hi marc thank you for response in previous issue

can you modif your crawler to crawl recommended like from product category crawling right now your default listing is search item is multi function but cannot grab some essential data like shop_name and shop_rating

thank you

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3 days ago

i want to crawl recommended data from

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Hi seru1,

(What's your real name by the way?)

I executed the scraper with the following input:

2    "requests": [
3        {
4            "url": ""
5        }
6    ],
7    "proxy": {
8        "useApifyProxy": false,
9        "proxyUrls": [
10            "",
11            "",
12            "",
13            "",
14            "",
15            "",
16            "",
17            "",
18            "",
19            "",
20            "",
21            "",
22            "",
23            "",
24            ""
25        ]
26    },
27    "maxConcurrency": 1,
28    "minConcurrency": 1

It failed the first time, but then worked the second time. Interestingly it worked the first time on my SaaS platform (, so it's not a technical problem, just a different configuration of number of retries.

Does it solve your problem? As you can see, my scraper also works for API URLs that are not listed in my documentation.

Best Regards,

Marc Plouhinec

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a day ago

thank you for fast response

sorry, i got busy today and yesterday

by the way my real name is widy

it's new feature for apify shopee crawler

perhaps i will contact you via discord

i will close this issue today

thank you

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