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Zillow Detail Scraper

Zillow Detail Scraper

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Get details of Zillow properties from URLs. This Actor can be easily integrated with other Zillow Scrapers.

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Low number of results detected, aborting run.


MSS opened this issue
2 months ago

Unsure why I am receiving this error as there are five thousand inputs.

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Hi, thanks a lot for raising this. We have just pushed an update (v0.0.32) that fixes this.

To explain what was the issue: there was an inefficiency in the scraper, that it first had to "pre-process" all the search addresses before producing any results. Therefore, when you used a long list on input, the scraper had to do a lot of work before getting any final results, so the automatic protection kicked in. We have restructured the crawler to do both these parts in parallel, so you will get first results from the crawler sooner, and this error shouldn't trigger anymore.

Again, thanks for reaching out - reports like yours are immensely helpful for us in maintaining the highest quality of our scrapers.

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