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Extract data about properties for sale and rent on Zillow using the Zillow API, but with no daily call limits. Scrape millions of listings and download your data as HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs, or integrate with other tools.

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output limitation


developers_blups opened this issue
a month ago

Hi, How can I limit the number of results? In the documentation, I see that it is possible to limit the number of output items in the input configuration under the last Options section.

Can I limit the results search per URL in the input? Like this: { "searchUrls": [ { "url": "https://www.zillow.com/autauga-county-al/? searchQueryState.... "limit": 1 } ], }

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Hi, I understand your request, but could you please elaborate a bit on the use-case that you have for this? I don't see how useful would it be to scrape just one search result from a large map area. If you want to get just some small sample of the listings in some area, you can also use the Items extraction method input field, and extract data from just the ~500 markers that are visible on the map, which the scraper will return instantaneously, without having to make further requests. If you were interested, we could probably also implement a mode where the scraper only returns the first page of the list of results (-> ~40 results per URL).

However, I am currently not convinced it is worth implementing precise limits into the scraper. I suppose your probably already figured it out, but you can workaround this right now by starting multiple scrapes, each with one URL and the desired limit configured as the "global" output items limit.

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