Datadome Sound Captcha

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Solve Datadome sound captchas using AI by providing the audio file URL

Datadome Sound Captcha Solver

Solve Datadome captchas using AI by providing the audio file URL.

How it works

Assuming you hit a page with Datadome slider captcha, here's how to solve it:

  • Extract the audio captcha file URL (e.g., from a page with Datadome slider captcha
  • Send request to this API with the extracted audio URL
  • Type in the 6-digit numbers returned by the API into the audio captcha number fields
  • Celebrate victory!!!


If the captcha is not solved on first attempt, you can easily click the reload button (#captcha__reload__button) on the slider to re-generate a new audio URL and make the request again.

Example with puppeteer (similar approach for Playwright)

(async () => { // Imports import { ApifyClient } from 'apify-client'; // Assuming you hit a page with Datadome Slider Captcha e.g., when visiting ... const sleep = (ms) => new Promise((r) => setTimeout(r, ms)); console.log(`Solving Captcha...`) // Get Datadome captcha iframe await page.waitForSelector(`iframe`) const iframe = await page.frames().find((frame) => { return frame.url().includes(``) }) // Sleep for 3 seconds or any desired time to allow iframe to load its contents await sleep(3000) // Extract audio URL from Datadome iframe const audio_url = await iframe.evaluate(() => { return document.querySelector(`audio[src*=""]`)?.getAttribute(`src`) }) // Make API request let numbers; // Initialize the ApifyClient with API token const client = new ApifyClient({ token: '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>', }); // Prepare actor input const input = { "audio_url": "", "proxyConfig": { "useApifyProxy": false } }; try { // Run the actor and wait for it to finish const run = await"microworlds/datadome-sound-captcha").call(input); // Fetch and print actor results from the run's dataset (if any) console.log('Results from dataset'); const { items } = await client.dataset(run.defaultDatasetId).listItems(); items.forEach((item) => { console.dir(item); // e.g ['3', '3', '6', '4', '3', '2'] numbers = item }); } catch (error) { console.error(error); } // Click the speaker icon on the captcha to toggle the audio section await`#captcha__audio__button`) sleep(500) // Type the numbers (6-digits) into the audio captcha input fields for (let [index, value] of numbers.entries()) { console.log(`Entering the value - ${value}`) await iframe.type(`#captcha__audio[data-index="${index}"]`, `${value}`, { delay: 500 }) } // Tab yourself three times on the back and watch Datadome give you passage 馃榿 // However, if that fails, you can generate another audio url by clicking on the retry icon like so and repeat the process: await`#captcha__reload__button`) ... })();