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Delete Named Storages
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Delete Named Storages

Delete Named Storages

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Deletes your named storages by matching their names with a RegExp, selecting a date, or more. Enables deleting multiple named storages fast and safe using a UI rather than API.

Storage type


Type of the storages you want to delete.

Value options:

"DATASET": string"KEY_VALUE_STORE": string"REQUEST_QUEUE": string

Matching expression


A regular expression in a string format used to match the names of storages to be deleted. It will be used to create an instance of RegExp using new RegExp(expression) All storages matching the pattern will be deleted unless other filters are provided.

Storage creation date


Use YYYY-MM-DD format. The option limits the deleted storages to the ones created on the provided date. If you want to delete all storages from a given date, use '.*' as your Matching expression.

Max deleted storages


Limit the number of deleted storages to the given amount.

Newest first


Sort storages from newest to oldest. In combination with the Max storages to delete option, this enables to "delete 5 newest storages" and similar commands.

Force delete


If you are REALLY AND ABSOLUTELY sure that your filters will delete exactly the storages you need then you can use this flag to delete them immediately without the need for confirmation by a second run of the actor. Tread carefully!

Default value of this property is false

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