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Yet Another Dataset Translator

Yet Another Dataset Translator

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Actor to translate datasets with field selection and source language detection. Requires Google Translate API Key.

Dataset IDs to translate


IDs of datasets to translate

Google Translate API key


Target language


Language to translate into

Value options:

"en": string"cs": string"nl": string"fr": string"de": string"it": string"pt": string"es": string

Default value of this property is "en"

Patterns of fields to translate


You can use sipmly full names of the fields, but you can also use globs: * matches any number of characters, ? matches any single character, [seq] matches any character in seq

Language detection threshold


If the confidence of detected language is lower than this threshold, the text is translated. Default is 0.7. Use 0 to always translate.

Default value of this property is "0.7"

Output dataset ID


ID of the dataset to store the results in

Translation marker field


This field will contain True if the text was translated, False otherwise

Original value field prefix


This prefix will be added to the names of fields containing original values

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