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Indeed Job Scraper

Indeed Job Scraper

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1 day trial then $29.00/month - No credit card required now

Indeed Job Scraper fetches detailed job listings from Indeed using Puppeteer. Specify job criteria & get comprehensive job data like title, salary, location & more. Ideal for job seekers and recruiters. Ensure adherence to applicable laws when using data.



The job you want to add to.



The category you want to add to.

Value options:

"France": string"United states": string"Australia": string"Canada": string"United kingdom": string"Germany": string"Netherlands": string"Ireland": string"India": string"Japan": string"Spain": string"Italy": string"Brazil": string"Switzerland": string"South africa": string"Poland": string"Argentina": string"Austria": string"Belgium": string"Bahrain": string"Chile": string"China": string"Colombia": string"Costa rica": string"Czech republic": string"Denmark": string"Ecuador": string"Egypt": string"Finland": string"Greece": string"Hungary": string"Indonesia": string"Israel": string"Kuwait": string"Luxembourg": string"Malaysia": string"Mexico": string"Morocco": string"Nigeria": string"Norway": string"New zealand": string"Oman": string"Pakistan": string"Panama": string"Peru": string"Philippines": string"Portugal": string"Qatar": string"Romania": string"Saudi arabia": string"Singapore": string"South korea": string"Sweden": string"Taiwan": string"Thailand": string"Turkey": string"Ukraine": string"United arab emirates": string"Uruguay": string"Venezuela": string"Vietnam": string

Experience level


The experience level of the job.

Value options:

"entryLevel": string"midLevel": string"seniorLevel": string

Sort type


The sort type of the job.

Value options:

"date": string"relevance": string



The city of the job.

Number of results


The number of results you want from the job.

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler.

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