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Caught Error


edgy_catfish0 opened this issue
a month ago

Here is the error, can't scrape anything, input - file with links

Upd: 2nd run with 1 link was successful.

2024-05-01T17:15:41.220Z ACTOR: Pulling Docker image of build NmFObcP4xpKX70OsT from repository. 2024-05-01T17:16:09.271Z ACTOR: Creating Docker container. 2024-05-01T17:16:09.673Z ACTOR: Starting Docker container. 2024-05-01T17:16:10.252Z Starting X virtual framebuffer using: Xvfb :99 -ac -screen 0 1920x1080x24+32 -nolisten tcp 2024-05-01T17:16:10.253Z Executing main command 2024-05-01T17:16:11.800Z INFO System info {"apifyVersion":"3.1.14","apifyClientVersion":"2.8.4","crawleeVersion":"3.6.2","osType":"Linux","nodeVersion":"v18.18.2"} 2024-05-01T17:16:12.607Z file:///home/myuser/dist/g2/get_product_data.js:8 2024-05-01T17:16:12.608Z const x = input.trim(); 2024-05-01T17:16:12.609Z ^ 2024-05-01T17:16:12.610Z 2024-05-01T17:16:12.611Z TypeError: input.trim is not a function 2024-05-01T17:16:12.612Z at extractProductFromLink (file:///home/myuser/dist/g2/get_product_data.js:8:21) 2024-05-01T17:16:12.613Z at file:///home/myuser/dist/g2/get_product_data.js:87:26 2024-05-01T17:16:12.614Z at Array.map (

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