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Scraper PrestaShop website using this actor!

Prestashop Actor

The PrestaShop Actor is designed for URLs utilizing the e-commerce platform PrestaShop. It empowers merchants to efficiently create and manage online stores, offering a wide array of customizable features such as catalog management, payment gateways, and marketing tools.

Please be aware that this is an initial version, and there might be pages that do not function correctly. Your feedback on any encountered issues would be greatly appreciated!

1. What does the PrestaShop Actor do?

The PrestaShop Actor extracts specific product details from URLs utilizing the PrestaShop e-commerce platform, including:

  • Store URL
  • Product URL
  • Product ID
  • Product Image
  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Regular Price
  • Currency Code

Within the input, there's an array of URLs from which information needs to be extracted. It is not a crawler, so you have to put the specific URL you want to extract information from.

2. Why use PrestaShop Actor?

PrestaShop Actor will allow you to extract information about products store in an url of a shop using PrestaShop.

3. How much will it cost to scrape PrestaShop sites?

The usage of PrestaShop is free, we won't charge for using it. We did some testing and found that you will spend 1000 results / $0.04. Not every result will be reliable, as it is an early release.

How to scrape PrestaShop URLs:

Simply put the URLs that you want to scrap from PrestaShop website inside the array and press "Start". The actor will run through all the URLs trying to find products within. If a product is found, it will be stored inside a "default" dataset. It has not crawling functionalities yet, so it will only scrap the products from the specific pages you send as input.

Two views will be created for the dataset: the "all fields" view and one called "overview", which aims to display information in a more convenient manner by providing only one image and a reference to the product URL. Since there may be multiple images and references, these elements will be stored as an array in the default view.

4. Input Example


5. Output Example



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