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Redfin agent reviews scraper

Redfin agent reviews scraper

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3 days trial then $15.00/month - No credit card required now

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About actor

Our Redfin agent review scraper Pro tool is specifically designed to scrape agent reviews and extract important details such as the star rating, comments, listing URL, and other relevant information. With this tool, you can easily gather valuable data on individual agents and their performance, enabling you to make more informed decisions and better serve your clients.

Whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge in the real estate market or simply want to keep tabs on the latest trends and developments, our Redfin agent review scraper Pro tool is an essential tool for any real estate professional. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, you can easily gather the data you need to stay ahead of the game and succeed in today's fast-paced real estate industry.

Input url:


Copy the URL of the search results page from your browser's address bar.

ex: ""

📌 Step-2

In the input area of the scraper tool, paste the URL you just copied into the "Start URLs" field and then run the actor.


2'Source': 'Redfin',
3 'Star Rating': 5,
4 'Comment': 'Jon is great to work with. Very straightforward. This is our third house that Jon has helped us purchase in Eugene and hopefully not our last. ',
5 'Client Type': 'House Buyer',
6 'Close Date': 'Apr 2023',
7 'Details': '$440K • 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1581 Sq. Ft.',
8 'Listing URL': ''
9 }
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