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This alternative YouTube Data API has no limits or quotas. Use it to scrape one or multiple YouTube channels: channel info, URL, total number of subscribers, videos and views, creation date. Try it and get basic video data. You can download extracted data in JSON, CSV, and Excel.

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Video time filters do not work


juridical_yotar opened this issue
2 months ago

Hi, thanks for creating the function!

I am trying to crawl a list of channels for all the videos posted on these channels after 2024-02-01.

What I did was to supplement the actor with a text file containing lines of video page links on these channels. See below for an example.


Then I filter the videos by "OnlyVideosNewerThan": "2024-02-01".

However, I still get videos posted years ago in the run results.

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Hi, thanks for the report, we'll investigate this and let you know.

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Hi, thanks for your patience, we're still working on it and will have an update soon.

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Hi, thanks again for your patience. The filtering has been fixed. As per the updated filtering section description in the input, to keep the scraper fast it's approximate and not supported for shorts

Date filtering works approximately, based on the date labels like "2 months ago" under video thumbnails (also, it doesn't work for shorts). For example, if you choose to scrape posts that are newer than 40 days old, you get all videos up to "1 month ago", but not "2 months ago".

if you want exact filtering and/or filter shorts, check out

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