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Advanced Youtube Scraper

Advanced Youtube Scraper

Try for free

3 days trial then $29.00/month - No credit card required now

Please follow all inquiries at: Search YouTube for keywords, channels or individual video data blazingly fast. Internal YouTube API. No key needed. Customizable sorting, including their views, comments, channel info, number of subscribers, publication date, and title data etc.


For any inquiries or issues, please contact

Advanced Youtube API Scraper

The Advanced Youtube Scraper is a powerful actor that scrapes Youtube search query result information, including title, views, subscribers, publication date, link to video and channel, with sorting options. This actor is perfect for researchers, content creators, and marketers looking to get insights into popular video content and channels on YouTube.


The input to this actor is a JSON object with the following properties:

  • queries: An array of search queries, video links or channel links to be used for scraping YouTube.
  • sort_by: The criteria for sorting the search results. It is an enum that can take the following values: relevance, view, date, rating. Default is relevance.
  • max_results: The maximum number of search results to be scraped. Default is 10.
  • clean: Whether to scrape all the videos again at each run. Default is true.
  • num_comments: The maximum number of comments to be scraped per video. Default is 0.
  • related_videos: Whether to scrape related videos. Default is false.


The output of this actor is a JSON object in the form of following example:

2  "title": "Morbius Collection (Improved version)",
3  "views": 137570,
4  "url": "",
5  "publication_date": "2014-12-26",
6  "subscribers": 605,
7  "channel_link": "",
8  "channel_name": "Amanda Pike",
9  "comments": ["This is amazing!",
10               "Wish I could have done this.",],
11  "related_videos": [
12    "",
13    "",
14    "",
15    "",
16    "",
17    "",
18    "",
19    "",
20    "",
21    "",
22    "",
23    "",
24    "",
25    "",
26    ""
27  ],
28  "data_date": "2023-05-18T21:05:33"

Machine Specs

If you are not scraping for too many comments, 256MB machine configuration should be okay, although slow.

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