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Expedia & Hotels.com reviews scraper
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Expedia & Hotels.com reviews scraper

Expedia & Hotels.com reviews scraper

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Pay $2.00 for 1,000 Reviews

Scraper to get reviews from URLs of hotels, apartments and other accommodations listed on Expedia.com and Hotels.com portals

2024-01-02 (0.0.15)


  • Support other domains of Expedia group, such as expedia.it, expedia.com.tw, de.hotels.com or hoteis.com.

2023-10-25 (0.0.13)


  • Input option minDate: if you select sorting by Most recent, this option will stop scraping after encountering reviews older than the given date.

2023-09-14 (0.0.11)


  • Fixed hotelId detection for hotels.com (Actor was previously failing with Error: Could not extract hotel ID from https://www.hotels.com/...

2023-09-14 (0.0.9)


  • Input option sortBy: sort reviews by Most relevant, Most recent or Highest/lowest rating
    Note: setting this will not affect the order of reviews in the dataset, since review items are scraped in parallel, so later pages might finish before previous ones. However, it helps in the case you are limiting maximum number of reviews per hotel.
  • Output field reviewPosition: indicates how the review was ranked (starting with 1, counted across all pages)
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