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Feature request: date range


thehoster opened this issue
5 months ago

Could it be possible to scrape reviews from a data range? As of the moment you set the date and scrape from that day until the most recent. It would be awesome to also be able to select a date range.

Thank you

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Hi, the situation with the Expedia website is unfortunately the same as with Tripadvisor, where you opened this same request, therefore I can unfortunately only offer the same answer that this is something we are unlikely to support, because the website itself doesn't allow filtering of reviews by date.

To explain - the filter of "reviews newer than XYZ" is implemented using the "Most recent" sorting on Tripadvisor: we start scraping from the newest, and then stop when we start getting reviews older than the selected date. To implement what you are requesting, the scraper would need to do the same amount of work (going through all the pages from the beginning), but simply discard the scraped data until the reviews match the filter.

Therefore the best you can do now is select the lower limit in the scraper, and filter out reviews newer than the upper limit in some postprocessing. I hope this helps. I'll leave this feature request open, if more users voice their interest in this, we'll try to figure out if we can do something better.

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