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Expedia & Hotels.com reviews scraper

Expedia & Hotels.com reviews scraper

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Scraper to get reviews from URLs of hotels, apartments and other accommodations listed on Expedia.com and Hotels.com portals

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Not bringing any reviews


thehoster opened this issue
12 days ago

This run should have got me at least 1 review, but it brought none.

Thank you

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I see from the log there is some errors , I will have the developer look into the issue Thank you

2024-04-05T04:05:24.143Z WARN CheerioCrawler: Reclaiming failed request back to the list or queue. Request blocked - received 429 status code. 2024-04-05T04:05:24.146Z {"id":"Hl7ItrHxPBPaYhx","url":"https://www.expedia.com/graphql","retryCount":1}

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Hello, this happened because you started the scrape without any proxy. As a result, all the requests were sent from a single IP address, and the Expedia website easily blocked all of them.

This was a result of a misconfiguration on our side, the proxy chooser should not have been visible on the input page. We have fixed this with version 0.0.16, where the scraper automatically uses the best proxy available. Your scraping should therefore work without any issues.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Team ⟁

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