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Get Yelp Urls

Get Yelp Urls

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Pay $1.00 for 1,000 Results

Find Yelp URLs in a square geographical area.

Queries (lat,lng,placeType,[name:opt])


The initial queries made from latitude, longitude, place type ("restaurant" or "hotel") and, optionally, name, separated by comma.

Max results per query


Maximum number of results to provide for each query.

Default value of this property is 10

Size of the search square are (in meters)


The side length, in meters, of the square area where Yelp will look for results.

Default value of this property is 50

Max distance between place's name and query string


Maximum allowed Levenshtein distance, used to compare strings. Lower means closer (0 = perfect match). A typical value is 1.

Default value of this property is 1

Maintained by Apify
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