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Find Yelp URLs in a square geographical area.

Yelp URLs

Finds Yelp places' URLs in a square geographical area.


To get started, you need an initial point with its geographical coordinates, in degrees, which will be the center of the square. Then, choose the place type (either restaurant or hotel) and, optionally, a string to match with the place's name.

The queries must be formatted like this, with the values separated by comma, without white spaces around commas:


Finally, choose the search square size.

Here is a sample input:

2	"queries": [
3		"43.410405,-70.5582322,restaurant,Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen",
4		"44.2073275,-69.8277909,restaurant,Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen",
5		"43.636905,-70.3363167,restaurant"
6	],
7	"maxResultsPerQuery": 1,
8	"searchSquareSide": 50,
9	"matchStringTolerance": 1

As you can see, maxResultsPerQuery is 1, because we are trying to match exactly some places we already know, and find their URLs on Yelp. Also, notice that the third query does not provide a string to match. Even if that's the case, we would still like to match a "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen" in this example.


Here is a sample output, originated from the previous input:

2    {
3        "query": "43.410405,-70.5582322,restaurant,Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen",
4        "url": "",
5        "id": "UCCKTx1XSAIDFbhSv4NpXA",
6        "name": "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen",
7        "lat": 43.41041812342172,
8        "lng": -70.5582328739657,
9        "nameScore": 0
10    },
11    {
12        "query": "44.2073275,-69.8277909,restaurant,Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen",
13        "url": "",
14        "id": "WlBpHoYK7WSeEM8veyK0rw",
15        "name": "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen",
16        "lat": 44.207429,
17        "lng": -69.827971,
18        "nameScore": 0
19    },
20    {
21        "query": "43.636905,-70.3363167,restaurant",
22        "url": "",
23        "id": "iB4r7V69aXnOlb05F23m1g",
24        "name": "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen",
25        "lat": 43.6368919,
26        "lng": -70.3363024
27    }

Notice that, even if we didn't give a string to match for the third place, we still found a "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen", which is what we wanted. That's because if you don't provide a string to match, the scraper will sort the results by distance from the center of the square, giving you the closest results.

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