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Macys Scraper


Macy's web scraper to crawl product information including price and sale price, color, and images. Extract all data in a dataset in multiple formats.

Free trial for 7 days. Then $5/month.
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Macys Scraper

Free trial for 7 days. Then $5/month.

Macys Scraper

Macys Scraper is an Apify actor for extracting data about actors from Macys. It allows you to extract all products. It is build on top of Apify SDK and you can run it both on Apify platform and locally.


Field Type Description Default value
startUrls array List of Request objects that will be deeply crawled. The URL can be home page like or category page or detail page [""]
maxItems number Maximum number of products that will be scraped all found
search string Keyword that will be used to search Macys`s products
proxyConfiguration object Proxy settings of the run. This actor works better with the Apify proxy group SHADER. If you have access to this Apify proxy group, leave the default settings. If not, you can use other Apify proxy groups or you can set { "useApifyProxy": false" } to disable proxy usage {"useApifyProxy": true, "apifyProxyGroups": ["SHADER"] }


Output is stored in a dataset. Each item is an information about a product. Example:

  "id": "9229574",
  "name": "Belted Toggle Wrap Coat",
  "rating": "4.2193",
  "brand": "Calvin Klein",
  "url": "",
  "description": "Pull your look together in this classic wrap coat from Calvin Klein, designed with a belted closure and a stylish shawl collar.",
  "color": "Black",
  "images": [
  "sizes": [
  "price": 300,
  "salePrice": 144.99,

Compute units consumption

Keep in mind that it is much more efficient to run one longer scrape (at least one minute) than more shorter ones because of the startup time.

The average consumption is 0.2 Compute unit for 1000 actor pages scraped