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Nordstrom Scraper


Nordstrom web scraper to crawl product information including price and sale price, color, and images. Extract all data in a dataset in multiple formats.

Free trial for 7 days

Then $5/month

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Nordstrom Scraper

Free trial for 7 days

Then $5/month

What does Nordstrom Scraper do?

Nordstrom Scraper enables you to extract product data from the Nordstrom retail website. Scrape and download all product data, including price, description, size, color, and more.

It is built on Apify SDK and you can run it on the Apify platform or locally.

How much will it cost to scrape Nordstrom?

Apify gives you $5 free usage credits every month on the Apify Free plan. You can get 600 results per month from Nordstrom Scraper for that, so those 600 results will be completely free!

But if you need to get more data, you should get an Apify subscription. We recommend our $49 monthly Personal plan for 6,000 results every month.

Or get even more results with the Team plan for $499 and get 60,000 results per month!

3 tips for using Nordstrom Scraper

  • Tip 1 Keep in mind that it is much more efficient to run one longer scrape (at least one minute) than more shorter ones because of the startup time.

  • Tip 2 This scraper works better with the Apify Proxy group SHADER. If you have access to this Apify Proxy group, leave the default settings. If not, you can use other Apify proxy groups or you can set { "useApifyProxy": false" } to disable proxy usage

    {"useApifyProxy": true, "apifyProxyGroups": ["SHADER"] }

  • Tip 3 You can use the extend output function to update the result output of this actor. This function gets a Cheerio handle $ as an argument so you can choose what data from the page you want to scrape. The output from this will function will merge with the result output.

The return value of this function has to be an object.

You can return fields to achive 3 different things:

  • Add a new field - Return object with a field that is not in the result output
  • Change a field - Return an existing field with a new value
  • Remove a field - Return an existing field with a value undefined


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