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Pay $5.00 for 1,000 products

Nordstrom web scraper to crawl product information including price and sale price, color, and images. Extract all data in a dataset in multiple formats.

Start URLs


If you already have URL(s) of page(s) you wish to scrape, you can set them here.

This field is optional, but this field or 'Search' must be provided (or both)


Here you can provide a search query which will be used to search Nordstrom's products.

This field is optional, but this field or 'Start Nordstrom page URLs' must be provided (or both)



The selected country will be used to set the currency and shipping country.

Value options:

"Afghanistan": string"Albania": string"Algeria": string"Andorra": string"Angola": string"Anguilla": string"Antigua and Barbuda": string"Armenia": string"Aruba": string"Australia": string"Austria": string"Azerbaijan": string"Bahamas": string"Bahrain": string"Bangladesh": string"Barbados": string"Belgium": string"Belize": string"Benin": string"Bermuda": string"Bhutan": string"Bolivia": string"Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba": string"Bosnia and Herzegovina": string"Botswana": string"Brazil": string"Brunei Darussalam": string"Bulgaria": string"Burkina Faso": string"Burundi": string"Cambodia": string"Cameroon": string"Cape Verde": string"Cayman Islands": string"Central African Republic": string"Chad": string"Chile": string"Christmas Island": string"Cocos (Keeling) Islands": string"Colombia": string"Congo, Democratic Republic of the": string"Congo, Republic of the": string"Cook Islands": string"Costa Rica": string"Croatia": string"Curaçao": string"Cyprus": string"Czech Republic": string"Côte d'Ivoire": string"Denmark": string"Djibouti": string"Dominica": string"Dominican Republic": string"Ecuador": string"Egypt": string"El Salvador": string"Equatorial Guinea": string"Eritrea": string"Estonia": string"Ethiopia": string"Falkland Islands (Malvinas)": string"Faroe Islands": string"Fiji": string"Finland": string"France": string"French Guiana": string"French Polynesia": string"Gabon": string"Gambia": string"Georgia": string"Germany": string"Ghana": string"Gibraltar": string"Greece": string"Greenland": string"Grenada": string"Guadeloupe": string"Guatemala": string"Guernsey": string"Guinea": string"Guyana": string"Haiti": string"Holy See (Vatican City State)": string"Honduras": string"Hong Kong": string"Hungary": string"Iceland": string"India": string"Indonesia": string"Ireland": string"Israel": string"Italy": string"Jamaica": string"Japan": string"Jersey": string"Jordan": string"Kazakhstan": string"Kenya": string"Kiribati": string"Korea, Republic of": string"Kuwait": string"Kyrgyzstan": string"Lao People's Democratic Republic": string"Latvia": string"Lebanon": string"Lesotho": string"Liberia": string"Libya": string"Liechtenstein": string"Lithuania": string"Luxembourg": string"Macao": string"Madagascar": string"Malawi": string"Malaysia": string"Maldives": string"Mali": string"Malta": string"Martinique": string"Mauritania": string"Mauritius": string"Mexico": string"Moldova, Republic of": string"Monaco": string"Mongolia": string"Montenegro": string"Montserrat": string"Morocco": string"Mozambique": string"Namibia": string"Nauru": string"Nepal": string"Netherlands": string"New Caledonia": string"New Zealand": string"Nicaragua": string"Niger": string"Nigeria": string"Niue": string"North Macedonia, Republic of": string"Norway": string"Oman": string"Pakistan": string"Palau": string"Panama": string"Papua New Guinea": string"Paraguay": string"Peru": string"Philippines": string"Poland": string"Portugal": string"Qatar": string"Romania": string"Rwanda": string"Réunion": string"Saint Barthélemy": string"Saint Kitts and Nevis": string"Saint Lucia": string"Saint Pierre and Miquelon": string"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines": string"Samoa": string"San Marino": string"Saudi Arabia": string"Senegal": string"Serbia": string"Seychelles": string"Sierra Leone": string"Singapore": string"Sint Maarten (Dutch part)": string"Slovakia": string"Slovenia": string"Solomon Islands": string"Somalia": string"South Africa": string"Spain": string"Sri Lanka": string"Suriname": string"Swaziland": string"Sweden": string"Switzerland": string"Taiwan": string"Tajikistan": string"Tanzania, United Republic of": string"Thailand": string"Timor-Leste": string"Togo": string"Tonga": string"Trinidad and Tobago": string"Tunisia": string"Turks and Caicos Islands": string"Tuvalu": string"Uganda": string"United Arab Emirates": string"United Kingdom": string"United States": string"Uruguay": string"Uzbekistan": string"Vanuatu": string"Virgin Islands, British": string"Wallis and Futuna": string"Yemen": string"Zambia": string"Zimbabwe": string

Search results limit


How many search results (eq. products) should be processed

Extended Output Function


Here you can write your custom javascript code to extract custom data from the page.

Enable debug mode


Display debug messages

Default value of this property is false

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