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This Actor is deprecated

This Actor is unavailable because the developer has decided to deprecate it. Would you like to try a similar Actor instead?

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Mall Scraper

Mall Scraper


This actor scrapes all products from It goes through all categories and pagination and gets all data visible there. It does not scrape the details of the products.

The actor will scrape all products from, it is going through the whole categories and pagination and get the data visible there. It is not visiting the details.

Example item:

2    "itemId": "42545210",
3    "img": "",
4    "itemName": "100% 100% Accuri Junior Krick Offroad Goggle",
5    "currentPrice": 850,
6    "discounted": false,
7    "itemUrl": "",
8    "productId": "100005145701"
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