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Null reviewScoresDistribution


thehoster opened this issue
a month ago

The key reviewScoresDistribution for other hotels is OK, but for this one it does not get it.

Thank you

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Hi, thanks for your patience. Do you think you could share the problematic run with us again, so we can investigate what went wrong in this specific case?

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19 days ago

It was for this URL:

Edit: I also tried this one: and happened the same, they might have changed the website structure a bit.

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Thanks, we'll look at it!

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Hi TheHoster,

thanks a lot for reporting this! Unfortunately, it looks like booking has moved this feature off to reviews completely and the data is not available on the hotel page alone.

Normally we would've moved this feature to our reviews scraper, but it turns out that the review scores distribution data is fetched via an API, which we currently don't scrape. This would require major changes in our codebase, which we would ideally like to avoid.

We will keep this issue open, if more users express their interest in this feature, we'll try to figure something out. Thanks for you understanding!

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