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Pay $5.00 for 1,000 results

Scrape Booking with this hotels scraper and get data about accommodation on You can crawl by keywords or URLs for hotel prices, ratings, addresses, number of reviews, stars. You can also download all that room and hotel data from with a few clicks: CSV, JSON, HTML, and Excel


Insert the destination name here

Or use Start URLs instead


Insert URLs to start with instead of a destination name. Hotel search URL's filters will be applied, except for the ones in the scraper input. You can also use shared list URLs. These links are generated for properties you saved in your Booking account.

Max results per destination or URL


Limit the number of places to be scraped. Input a value over 1000 to activate the 'overcome 1000 results limit' feature.

Property type


Choose type of property

Value options:

"none": string"Hotels": string"Apartments": string"Hostels": string"Guest houses": string"Homestays": string"Bed and breakfasts": string"Holiday homes": string"Boats": string"Villas": string"Motels": string"Resorts": string"Holiday parks": string"Campsites": string"Luxury tents": string

Default value of this property is "none"

Order results by


Hotel attribute by which the results will be ordered

Value options:

"bayesian_review_score": string"distance_from_search": string"class_asc": string"price": string"review_score_and_price": string"class_and_price": string

Default value of this property is "distance_from_search"

Minimum rating


Minimum rating of a hotel in "8.4" format

Stars count


Only scrape places with the selected stars count. Also includes Booking's apartment-like properties 'square' rating.

Value options:

"any": string"1": string"2": string"3": string"4": string"5": string"unrated": string

Default value of this property is "any"

Preferred currency


Currency to be set on the website

Value options:

"ARS": string"AUD": string"AZN": string"BHD": string"BRL": string"BGN": string"CAD": string"XOF": string"CLP": string"CNY": string"COP": string"CZK": string"DKK": string"EGP": string"EUR": string"FJD": string"GEL": string"HKD": string"HUF": string"INR": string"IDR": string"ILS": string"JPY": string"JOD": string"KZT": string"KRW": string"KWD": string"MYR": string"MXN": string"MDL": string"NAD": string"TWD": string"NZD": string"NOK": string"OMR": string"PLN": string"GBP": string"QAR": string"RON": string"RUB": string"SAR": string"SGD": string"ZAR": string"SEK": string"CHF": string"THB": string"TRY": string"AED": string"USD": string"UAH": string

Default value of this property is "USD"



Language to be set on the website (does not apply to reviews)

Value options:

"en-gb": string"en-us": string"de": string"nl": string"fr": string"es": string"es-ar": string"ca": string"it": string"pt-pt": string"pt-br": string"no": string"fi": string"sv": string"da": string"cs": string"hu": string"ro": string"ja": string"zh-cn": string"zh-tw": string"pl": string"el": string"ru": string"tr": string"bg": string"ar": string"ko": string"he": string"lv": string"uk": string"id": string"ms": string"th": string"et": string"hr": string"lt": string"sk": string"sr": string"sl": string"vi": string"tl": string"is": string

Default value of this property is "en-gb"

Check-in date (yyyy-mm-dd)


Check-out date (yyyy-mm-dd)


Stay date flexibility (days)


Number of days to flex around the check-in and check-out dates. E.g. setting 3 will scrape hotels with a possible date range up to 3 days before and 3 days after the selected dates.

Value options:

"0": string"1": string"2": string"3": string"7": string

Number of rooms


Default value of this property is 1

Number of adults


Default value of this property is 2

Number of children


Default value of this property is 0

Price range


Insert the minimum and maximum price per night, e.g. '100-150' or '100+.'

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