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Scrape listings for multiple keywords at once. This is particularly useful when dealing with typos and alternative names or keywords.

Scrape ads from your favorite advertising server.

What does Scraper do?

People are not perfect. That's true even when they're trying to sell something. They can list it under really weird keywords with multiple typos.

With this scraper you can define multiple keywords and get unique listings. No more search nightmares trying multiple keywords to find hidden gems!


You can easily browse the results with a thumbnail in your Apify console.


This project is in early stage. Stay tuned!

Some features that will be added later:

  • possibility to scrape only new ads
    • from input date
    • from last run
  • search by
    • categories
  • add support for Bazos in other countries

Do you have idea/request on feature? Feel free to create issue.

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