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Facebook Page Ads


Scrape relevant advertising data from Facebook Ads global database, including information about your competitors.

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Scraping for Facebook page ads, RESIDENTIAL PROXIES required.


Provide Facebook page URLs like OR Facebook Ads URLs like[direction]=desc&sort_data[mode]=relevancy_monthly_grouped&search_type=page&media_type=all (just copied pasted with your settings and filters from and amount of scrolls to do for ads per page. Zero scrolls will return initial set of ads. Each scroll expected to return 30 ads, also facebook limiting max amount of ads displayed per page, so some older ads might not be available.

If only total results chosen output will be saved as single dataset item per page.

  "startUrls": [ { "url": "" } ],
  "scrollsAmount": 0


  "adid": "0",
  "adArchiveID": "347673307413057",
  "archiveTypes": [
  "categories": [
  "collationCount": 1,
  "collationID": 4965050966940765,
  "currency": "",
  "endDate": 1658991600,
  "entityType": "regular_page",
  "fevInfo": null,
  "gatedType": "eligible",
  "hasUserReported": false,
  "hiddenSafetyData": false,
  "hideDataStatus": "NONE",
  "impressionsWithIndex": {
    "impressionsText": null,
    "impressionsIndex": -1
  "isActive": true,
  "isProfilePage": false,
  "pageID": "100473008905985",
  "pageInfo": null,
  "pageIsDeleted": false,
  "pageName": "Drive for Quantix",
  "politicalCountries": [],
  "reachEstimate": null,
  "reportCount": null,
  "snapshot": {
    "ad_creative_id": "23850987855940652",
    "cards": [],
    "body_translations": {},
    "byline": null,
    "caption": "",
    "cta_text": "Learn More",
    "dynamic_item_flags": {},
    "dynamic_versions": null,
    "edited_snapshots": [],
    "effective_authorization_category": "NONE",
    "event": [],
    "extra_images": [],
    "extra_links": [],
    "extra_texts": [],
    "extra_videos": [],
    "instagram_shopping_products": [],
    "display_format": "image",
    "title": "Super-steady freight, top rates",
    "link_description": "Quantix is an exciting career destination for professional CDL-A truck drivers like you! Quantix has united six former companies (A&R Logistics, Blue Water Plastic Transport, First Choice Logistics, L.T. Harnett Trucking, Luckey Trucking, RJ’s Transportation, and Delaware Express) under one name....",
    "link_url": "",
    "page_welcome_message": null,
    "images": [
        "original_image_url": "",
        "resized_image_url": "",
        "image_crops": {}
    "videos": [],
    "creation_time": 1659025635,
    "page_id": 100473008905985,
    "page_name": "Drive for Quantix",
    "page_profile_picture_url": "",
    "page_categories": {
      "184395321600410": "Business"
    "page_entity_type": "regular_page",
    "page_is_profile_page": false,
    "instagram_actor_name": "Quantix",
    "instagram_profile_pic_url": "",
    "instagram_url": "",
    "instagram_handle": "",
    "is_reshared": false,
    "version": 3,
    "body": {
      "context": {},
      "markup": {
        "__html": "Quantix, an exciting truck driving business partner, offers super-steady freight on regional (out &amp; back) runs!  Enjoy the perfect work/life balance while earning top rates!<br /> <br /> • Top paying liquid loads <br /> • Short Haul Out &amp; Back<br /> • Home Often!<br /> • 100% FSC   <br /> • Plate Program<br /> <br /> Learn more about owner operator options with Quantix today!"
      "callerHash": "d87f447ef56687e10e5390ecfecf3379"
    "brazil_tax_id": null,
    "branded_content": null,
    "current_page_name": "Drive for Quantix",
    "disclaimer_label": null,
    "page_like_count": 498,
    "page_profile_uri": "",
    "page_is_deleted": false,
    "root_reshared_post": null,
    "cta_type": "LEARN_MORE",
    "additional_info": null,
    "ec_certificates": null,
    "country_iso_code": null,
    "instagram_branded_content": null
  "spend": null,
  "startDate": 1658991600,
  "stateMediaRunLabel": null,
  "publisherPlatform": [
  "menuItems": []


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