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Linkedin x GPT prompt
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Linkedin x GPT prompt

Linkedin x GPT prompt

Try for free

3 days trial then $29.00/month - No credit card required now

Extract LinkedIn profiles, and uses ChatGPT magic automatically on each profile ! Your prompt, the answer you need, the way you want.

🌐 Linkedin x GPT prompt πŸ’¬

The ✨ LinkedIn tool you've dreamed about for so long ✨. Professionals, recruiters, CEOs or marketers... ⏳🌐 Save time by delegating your research on linkedin to this tool ! Prompt what you are looking for on a profile page, and GPT will do the rest 🎯.

πŸ” Why do I need this ?

If you don't have time to search and scroll every LinkedIn profile, this Actor is for you. Simply delegate your filtering criteria to ChatGPT by passing your prompt to this LinkedIn scrapper.

πŸ“Š Results (output data)

πŸ”— LinkedIn URLπŸ‘¨ ScreenshotπŸ“ ChatGPT answer gatesBill Gates is a good candidates for the job of CEO of an IT company. According to you description, I would rate him 10/10

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ“ How to scrape get started

  1. Profile URLs
  • Paste your list of linkedin profile into URLs input field
    It is recommended to provide only 80 URLs per day to avoid LinkedIn detection. That would force you to re-login, and re-copy your cookies.
    If you don't have a listing of Profile URLs, check out this Actor
  1. OpenAI API Key
  • Get your OpenAI API key from OpenAI API keys page
  • Paste the API key into this actor's OpenAI API Key input field
  1. Prompt Instructions Instructions for ChatGPT. For example:
  • Is this person a good candidate for the following job description : Sales Manager of a car company? Why? Also, Add a rating from 0 to 10 to summarize.
  • or Rate this profile from 0 to 10, with 10 being a good fit for a fullstack NodeJS dev @google in Paris, France
  1. Cookies
  • In chrome, install πŸͺ EditThisCookie chrome extension, and login to your LinkedIn account
  • Click on the πŸͺ extension, and click on the export icon ➑️ (the second one)
  • In Apify, paste the cookies into this actor's Cookies input field

πŸš€ Then run the actor and wait for the results πŸ“Š

βš™οΈ How it works under the hood

This actor works on a logged in linkedin account, but doesn't require password details since it uses linkedin session cookies. You need to pass linkedin cookies to this actor to use the existing session to access profiles page and perform scraping. A screenshot is taken on each profile page to ensure that the actor is working properly.

Once the Profile page is scraped, the actor will clean the data from the page and send it to OpenAI along with your prompt. The ChatGPT result is then returned to you.

πŸ₯’ Which LinkedIn Actor should I use ?

There are a couple of LinkedIn Actors on Apify. Make sure you only use guillim's actors for better safety and quality results. Also, you may be wondering which Actors you need, so read below :

Scraping small amount

When you need to gather data of less than 50 records per day, you can rely on Actors who require your LinkedIn cookies. These actors will "act as you", so you be careful. You will need the following actors :

  • You have a few LinkedIn people url, now looking for their information like job, description, skills... : LinkedIn x GPT
  • You have a few LinkedIn people url, that you want to filter out using a ChatGPT prompt: LinkedIn x GPT

Scraping big amount

When you need to gather data, like more 50 records per day, it's recommended to avoid using your Linkedin cookies. You will need the following actors :

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