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Facebook page posts checker

Facebook page posts checker

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30 days trial then $39.00/month - No credit card required now

Facebook page checker extracts posts until several years from past, reviews and page details. Groups added as beta, less posts expected but with better details.


Reason: https://about.fb.com/news/2022/09/deterring-scraping-by-protecting-facebook-identifiers/

Explanation: Current IDs parsed from comments section widget, so when comments are disabled we can not get it from widget and need to decrypt pfbid

Samples: https://www.facebook.com/icsshanghailive/posts/pfbid0P1XjK8AuzKtM89FtjXsPHGeV9JXU2qoGK6t8ipadQgUNEH2Aq3dBb73CD85tH7whl https://www.facebook.com/icsshanghailive/posts/pfbid02KYh5Rxg7SjdnKqZXekmQJXg8kLEV7raXFW3NxnckxpDRWY2449jZVPunEL7gqtCTl https://www.facebook.com/icsshanghailive/posts/pfbid0HLUoVFWryJJ2ApBVGKW4jEuwXZo96thXHudThRbDiiithnDdbAKNiaPhtLUsWoFUl

Solution: https://apify.com/alexey/facebook-url-to-id where datasetItem.post.parentId is pattern [DECODED_ID]:N:N and datasetItem.post?.author?.identifier is DECODED_PAGEID, so from https://www.facebook.com/icsshanghailive/posts/pfbid0P1XjK8AuzKtM89FtjXsPHGeV9JXU2qoGK6t8ipadQgUNEH2Aq3dBb73CD85tH7whl we getting datasetItem.post.parentId: "1781727915523352:9:0" datasetItem.post?.author?.identifier: 100060258254826 https://www.facebook.com/100060258254826/posts/1781727915523352

Competition: Decrypting Facebook URLs https://windsor.ai/connector/facebook_organic/


  • Migrated to crawlee
  • Enforced input.maxRequestRetries = 10
  • Changed viewOption logic


  • Renoved getting customProxies on unlockFacebook because Proxy Scraper is "Under Maintenance"



  • Added translatedText (optional)


  • Video detection
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