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⚡ Fast scraper to retrieve Reviews from any listing and in any sort order.

Fast and Affordable Reviews Scraper 🚀 Reviews Scraper is a fast, straightforward reviews scraper for the hotel and accomodation site Retrieve reviews from any listing and in any sort order. You have the ability to access reviews from a wide range of accommodations, including hotels, apartments, and other lodging options featured on the platform. Simply paste the URL of the desired property and click the "Save & Start" button to retrieve the data.

The Reviews Scraper on Apify offers a revolutionary approach to efficiently extract and analyze reviews from, allowing businesses to stay ahead in a highly competitive industry. Our scraper stands out for its unparalleled speed and cost-effectiveness, setting new standards in the market. Reviews ScraperSimilar Competitor
Speed (10 reviews)🚀 5s🐢 30s
Cost (1,000 results)💵 $1.5💰 $2

What does the scraper do? ⚡

The Reviews Scraper efficiently gathers reviews from various accommodations listed on This tool streamlines the data extraction process, enabling businesses to swiftly collect and analyze customer feedback.

How to use the Reviews Scraper 🔨

To use Reviews Scraper, simply input the URL of a listing and start the actor. Reviews Scraper is intentionally designed for simplicity, making it accessible even to users unfamiliar with web data extraction. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool to scrape booking reviews:

  1. Sign up for a free Apify account using your email address.
  2. Open the Review Scraper.
  3. Input a hotel URL to retrieve reviews from.
  4. Initiate the process by clicking "Start" and patiently await the data extraction.
  5. Once complete, download your extracted data in various formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, or HTML.

Inputs to the Reviews Scraper ⬅️

  1. URL from listing whose reviews you want to scrape
  2. Number of reviews to scrape
  3. Sort order (by date, score, or relevance)

Outputs of the Reviews Scraper ➡️

  1. Reviewer Information: Identifies the reviewers, enabling demographic analysis.
  2. Date of Comment: Offers insights into the temporal distribution of reviews.
  3. Rating: Provides numerical ratings for overall satisfaction levels.
  4. Review Content: Presents detailed reviews, including titles, positive comments, and negative feedback.
  5. Hotel Response: Shows responses from the hotel management to reviews, providing context and demonstrating commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why use this Review Scraper? ⭐

🔎 Conduct market analysis

🏖 Monitor brand sentiment and changes in customer feedback

⭐️ Enhance customer service

🤺 Keep an eye on competitors' service quality

🤥 Detect fraudulent reviews

Need help with this scraper? ❓

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