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3 days trial then $12.00/month - No credit card required now

Collect Jobs from Greenhouse, Lever, Personio, Recruitee, SmartRecruiters, Workable and Workday in one go. It's fast and costs little.

🛑 For optimal performance, use the Custom query Input. Otherwise, only enable the least amount of providers required. Your proxy location may also cause slowdowns.


Returns a list of postings (open jobs) for each company.

Compatible providers: SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, Lever, Personio (beta), Workable, Recruitee, Workday (beta).

[Input - Using Custom query]

The Custom query is a JSON Object linking the target domain with its known provider (always lower case)

Expected format:

2    "ubisoft2": "smartrecruiters",
3    "pokemoncareers": "greenhouse",
4    "wealthsimple": "lever",
5    "rocycle": "personio",
6    "bunq": "recruitee",
7    "ryanair": "workable",
8    "": "workday"

Expected format for each provider:

[Input - Using Domains]

This can be used for provider discovery. First, enable each provider individually (e.g., SmartRecruiters).

Then, based on the Domains Input, each element of the array will be run against all providers until a match is found.


2    "department": string,
3    "url": string,
4    "id": string,
5    "title": string,
6    "location": string,
7    "remote": boolean,
8    "updatedAt": date,
9    "type": string,
10    "experience": string


Providers have different response times and pagination settings.

You can customize the following parameters to optimize the job:

  • Maximum: The more results you need, the longer the run will be.

  • Timeout: The higher the timeout is, the higher chances the request has to succeed.

  • Delay: The lower the delay is, the faster the run will be but you may get blocked.

  • Proxy: The closer the location to the provider's server, the faster the run will be.

How it works

  1. Create a Custom Query, or select the providers and domains.

  2. Set the crawler settings.

  3. Run it! 🎉


Always use a proxy, and make sure to wait enough (Delay Input) between requests!

Open a new issue or contact support.


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