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ZipRecruiter (Bulk Cities)

ZipRecruiter (Bulk Cities)

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Get Salaries, Locations and Job Titles from ZipRecruiter. It's fast and costs little.


  • Search Locations

    Returns search results for the first element from the City array.

  • Search Job Titles

    Returns search results for the first element from the City array.

  • Get Salary Data

    First the process looks for the City and Job Title combination in ZipRecruiter database, and returns results based on the first match.

    If you want to know the exact Locations and Job Titles that will be used, run "Search Locations" and "Search Job Titles" separately.

    ZipRecruiter only supports US-based locations for Salary.


    2    "query": string,    // Job title
    3    "country": string,
    4    "process": string,
    5    "city": array,


    2    "avg_earners": object,  // Location salary
    3    "city": string,         // Location
    4    "nationwide": object,   // Nationwide salary (side information)
    5    "p25_earners": object,  // 25th percentile
    6    "p75_earners": object,  // 75th percentile
    7    "p90_earners": object,  // 90th percentile

How it works

  1. Enter the Job Title and Cities to search for.

  2. Select a process to run (e.g., Get Salary Data).

  3. Set the crawler options.

  4. Run it! 🎉

Note: All processes return raw data.


Always use a proxy, and make sure to wait between requests!

Open a new issue or contact support.

Please provide us with your run URL, and a screenshot of the original website output.


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