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Scrape comments from any linkedin post with following details: Comment text, Comment author details, Total Likes, Total replies, etc

How it works

Scrape comments from any linkedin post by providing link to any linkedin post. It gives you complete comment details: comment text with mentions and other entities info, and author details, etc

Sample data

Here is the sample output of this actor:

2	"time": 1693457393784,
3	"link": "",
4	"text": "I have observed that on LinkedIn, there seems to be a lack of responsiveness from recruiters when it comes to messages or connection requests. Currently, I am in the process of seeking a new job opportunity and have reached out to over 40 to 45 recruiters. Regrettably, not a single recruiter has responded to my messages or accepted my connection request. It's disheartening to note that many of them haven't even taken the time to view the messages.\nWhile I understand that recruiters receive an overwhelming number of messages on a daily basis, it's hard to believe that not a single individual out of the 40 to 45 I contacted has had the opportunity to engage. This leads me to contemplate whether the hiring process is still heavily reliant on personal referrals, leaving those without connections in a challenging position.\nI apologize if my words seem critical, but this is an honest expression of my thoughts and observations about the interactions with recruiters on LinkedIn.",
5	"pinned": false,
6	"originalLanguage": "English",
7	"author": {
8		"firstName": "Hummad",
9		"lastName": "Abbasi",
10		"occupation": "Presales Architect & Consultant | ICT Infrastructure | Digital Transformation | Collaboration & Data Architect | AI Based Call Center Architect | Cloud Telephony - UCaaS, CCaaS | VMware | Storage | Servers | Linux | PMP",
11		"id": "103996758",
12		"publicId": "hummadabbasi",
13		"trackingId": "ZJ3An9JNT3qnPZLe4lv5Mg==",
14		"profileId": "ACoAAAYy3VYB3pHWS2fiWSBvZ4wZ938gPzkZFnw",
15		"picture": "",
16		"distance": "OUT_OF_NETWORK"
17	}
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