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Linkedin post reactions scraper

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Linkedin post reactions scraper

Linkedin post reactions scraper


3 days trial then $13.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape reactions or likes from linkedin post

How it works

Scrape reactions or likes of a linkedin post by providing link to any linkedin post. It gives you name, profile url, reaction type, etc of people who reacted to the post

Getting Started

Install EditThisCookie chrome extension

Login to your linkedin account

Click on the extension and export the linkedin cookies

Paste the cookies into this actor's Linkedin cookie input field

Here is the sample output of this actor:

2    "profileId": "ACoAAC4oT_QBnojdo2tLwZGxFBDOoaFi4GvRwTQ",
3    "reactionType": "LIKE",
4    "name": "Pascal Metivier",
5    "headline": "Technicien Leader Section fraisage CN chez Ravaj",
6    "profileUrl": "",
7    "connectionType": "3rd+",
8    "photoUrl": ""
9  }
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