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Similarweb scraper

Similarweb scraper

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Scrape similarweb to get insights for websites in bulk including website traffic, pages per visit, time spent on website, bounce rate, rank, etc

SimilarWeb Data Scraper is a powerful Apify actor designed to extract valuable insights from for a given list of websites.

SimilarWeb is a renowned web analytics platform that provides comprehensive data about website traffic, audience demographics, referral sources, and more.

With this actor, businesses, marketers, and researchers can effortlessly gather competitive intelligence and make informed decisions to stay ahead in their respective industries.

Key Features

✅ Easy Input Configuration: Users can input a list of websites they want to analyze. This can be provided in various formats, such as a text file, JSON, or CSV.

✅ Data Extraction: The actor efficiently navigates through SimilarWeb's web pages, simulating human-like interactions to access and scrape relevant data points for the specified websites.

✅ Comprehensive Insights: The actor fetches an array of essential data from SimilarWeb, including but not limited to:

  • Total website visits and traffic sources
  • Geographic distribution of visitors
  • SEO Metrics

✅ Customizable Output: Users can choose the desired output format for the scraped data, such as JSON, CSV, or Excel. This allows seamless integration with various data analysis tools and business intelligence platforms.

✅ Scheduling and Automation: The actor supports scheduling, enabling users to run regular data updates automatically. This helps monitor the competition consistently and track website performance over time.

✅ Error Handling and Retry: In case of temporary connectivity issues or website changes, the actor incorporates robust error handling and automatic retry mechanisms, ensuring reliable data retrieval.

✅ Data Privacy and Security: Apify actors are built to prioritize data privacy and security. The SimilarWeb Data Scraper handles all scraped data with utmost confidentiality and does not store any sensitive information.

Sample data

Here is the sample output of this actor:

2	"title": "explore / twitter",
3	"description": "the latest stories on twitter - as told by tweets.",
4	"category": "computers_electronics_and_technology/social_networks_and_online_communities",
5	"categoryRank": "2",
6	"globalRank": 5,
7	"topCountryShares": [
8		{
9			"Country": 840,
10			"CountryCode": "US",
11			"Value": 0.25025938191777836
12		},
13		{
14			"Country": 392,
15			"CountryCode": "JP",
16			"Value": 0.15754027011029673
17		},
18		{
19			"Country": 826,
20			"CountryCode": "GB",
21			"Value": 0.05266691663503105
22		},
23		{
24			"Country": 76,
25			"CountryCode": "BR",
26			"Value": 0.03738831004308282
27		},
28		{
29			"Country": 124,
30			"CountryCode": "CA",
31			"Value": 0.0302587164907419
32		}
33	],
34	"screenshot": "",
35	"": 840,
36	"countryRank.countryCode": "US",
37	"countryRank.rank": 5,
38	"bounceRate": "0.3245989625255842",
39	"pagesPerVisit": "10.194438784611327",
40	"timeOnSite": "647.9324027507007",
41	"visits": "6470760873.100935",
42	"trafficSources": {
43		"Social": 0.034354300350016465,
44		"Paid Referrals": 0.00028734341822474484,
45		"Mail": 0.005808163635506612,
46		"Referrals": 0.03533615379706434,
47		"Search": 0.11575674708064244,
48		"Direct": 0.8084572917185454
49	}

Use Cases

➡️ Content Strategy

Discover top-performing content and popular social media platforms for your niche, optimizing your content strategy.

➡️ Maximize Marketing Campaign ROI

With Similarweb data, you can optimize your return on investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns. Empower your digital marketing and growth marketing teams to discover innovative ways to launch impactful campaigns. By aggregating data from numerous domains, you can pinpoint traffic acquisition opportunities and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing expenditure. Moreover, you can effortlessly integrate fresh insights into your internal dashboards for continuous analysis and automated reporting.

➡️ Identify Profitable Affiliate Partnerships

Boost your affiliate marketing endeavors by automating the analysis of partnership opportunities across millions of domains. Determine which websites have the potential to enhance your share of voice and grow your affiliate marketing efforts.

➡️ Streamline Conversion Funnel Optimization

For retail, eCommerce, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, Similarweb's API can help track consumer behavior across channels, from initial discovery to conversion. By monitoring competitors' traffic, you can identify new growth opportunities. Automate data delivery to your dashboards, reducing manual work and facilitating more efficient decision-making.

➡️ Enrich Your CRM

Fuel your B2B sales efforts with timely and relevant data. Set up automatic insights refresh to support your sales operations team with up-to-date traffic data, seamlessly integrated into platforms like Salesforce, ensuring they have the information they need when they need it most.

➡️ Analyze Global Travel Audiences

Gain insights into shifting consumer demand and destination trends on a global scale to expand your market share. Examine visitation and booking metrics, such as conversion rates and converted visits, to identify the most effective channels for travel, hospitality, or leisure brands. Automatically monitor destinations experiencing heightened consumer demand and track the leaders in consumer bookings.

➡️ Automate Trading and Investment Decisions

Hedge funds and investors leverage Similarweb's API to feed millions of data points into their predictive algorithms daily. This aids in evaluating brand strength, company performance, and year-over-year (YoY) and quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) traffic trends. By combining Similarweb's alternative data with other datasets within Tableau or other internal systems, the decision-making process is simplified and streamlined.

❓ Frequently asked questions

➡️ How does the scraper handle failed urls ?

The scraper has smart retry mechanisms implmented which make sure no URLs are left behind or the failed URLs do not stop the scraper from scraping other URLs. The scraper also supports resuming last run perfectly in case it fails

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