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Search Queries or URLs


List of Google Shopping search query or urls.

Default value of this property is ["iphone","mackbook"]



This param is for the Google Search domain (e.g. for Spain). The values must be lower-cased <a href="\" target="_blank">ISO 3166 country codes supported by Google. By default, the actor uses United States (

This setting only applies to Search queries, but not to URLs.

Notice: To get Google Shopping results from a location, please use UULE code

Value options:

"af": string"al": string"dz": string"as": string"ad": string"ao": string"ai": string"aq": string"ag": string"ar": string"am": string"aw": string"au": string"at": string"az": string"bs": string"bh": string"bd": string"bb": string"by": string"be": string"bz": string"bj": string"bm": string"bt": string"bo": string"ba": string"bw": string"bv": string"br": string"io": string"bn": string"bg": string"bf": string"bi": string"kh": string"cm": string"ca": string"cv": string"ky": string"cf": string"td": string"cl": string"cn": string"cx": string"cc": string"co": string"km": string"cg": string"cd": string"ck": string"cr": string"ci": string"hr": string"cu": string"cy": string"cz": string"dk": string"dj": string"dm": string"do": string"ec": string"eg": string"sv": string"gq": string"er": string"ee": string"et": string"fk": string"fo": string"fj": string"fi": string"fr": string"gf": string"pf": string"tf": string"ga": string"gm": string"ge": string"de": string"gh": string"gi": string"gr": string"gl": string"gd": string"gp": string"gu": string"gt": string"gn": string"gw": string"gy": string"ht": string"hm": string"va": string"hn": string"hk": string"hu": string"is": string"in": string"id": string"ir": string"iq": string"ie": string"il": string"it": string"jm": string"jp": string"jo": string"kz": string"ke": string"ki": string"kp": string"kr": string"kw": string"kg": string"la": string"lv": string"lb": string"ls": string"lr": string"ly": string"li": string"lt": string"lu": string"mo": string"mk": string"mg": string"mw": string"my": string"mv": string"ml": string"mt": string"mh": string"mq": string"mr": string"mu": string"yt": string"mx": string"fm": string"md": string"mc": string"mn": string"ms": string"ma": string"mz": string"mm": string"na": string"nr": string"np": string"nl": string"an": string"nc": string"nz": string"ni": string"ne": string"ng": string"nu": string"nf": string"mp": string"no": string"om": string"pk": string"pw": string"ps": string"pa": string"pg": string"py": string"pe": string"ph": string"pn": string"pl": string"pt": string"pr": string"qa": string"re": string"ro": string"ru": string"rw": string"sh": string"kn": string"lc": string"pm": string"vc": string"ws": string"sm": string"st": string"sa": string"sn": string"cs": string"sc": string"sl": string"sg": string"sk": string"si": string"sb": string"so": string"za": string"gs": string"es": string"lk": string"sd": string"sr": string"sj": string"sz": string"se": string"ch": string"sy": string"tw": string"tj": string"tz": string"th": string"tl": string"tg": string"tk": string"to": string"tt": string"tn": string"tr": string"tm": string"tc": string"tv": string"ug": string"ua": string"ae": string"gb": string"us": string"um": string"uy": string"uz": string"vu": string"ve": string"vn": string"vg": string"vi": string"wf": string"eh": string"ye": string"zm": string"zw": string



Language for the search results, which is passed to Google Search as the hl URL query parameter. Only set this if you want to use a non-default language for the selected country. The values must be lower-cased <a href="\" target="_blank">ISO 639 language codes supported by Google.

This setting only applies to Search queries, but not to URLs.

Value options:

"af": string"sq": string"sm": string"ar": string"az": string"eu": string"be": string"bn": string"bh": string"bs": string"bg": string"ca": string"zh-CN": string"zh-TW": string"hr": string"cs": string"da": string"nl": string"en": string"eo": string"et": string"fo": string"fi": string"fr": string"fy": string"gl": string"ka": string"de": string"el": string"gu": string"iw": string"hi": string"hu": string"is": string"id": string"ia": string"ga": string"it": string"ja": string"jw": string"kn": string"ko": string"la": string"lv": string"lt": string"mk": string"ms": string"ml": string"mt": string"mr": string"ne": string"no": string"nn": string"oc": string"fa": string"pl": string"pt-BR": string"pt-PT": string"pa": string"ro": string"ru": string"gd": string"sr": string"si": string"sk": string"sl": string"es": string"su": string"sw": string"sv": string"tl": string"ta": string"te": string"th": string"ti": string"tr": string"uk": string"ur": string"uz": string"vi": string"cy": string"xh": string"zu": string

Results Offset


Results offset. 0 (default) is the first page, 60 is the 2nd page, 120 is the 3rd page...

Results Per Page


Number of results per page. Default is 60

Filter or sort results by categories


Input filterValue to filter Google Shopping results by price, band... The filterValue can be found in shopping results response. To sort the results, default is Relevance, other options: Review score: 'p_ord:rv', Price - low to high: 'p_ord:p', Price - hight to low: 'p_ord:pd'.



Device can be "desktop", "mobile" or "tablet.

Value options:

"desktop": string"mobile": string"tablet": string

Default value of this property is "desktop"



Include HTML in JSON response

Output CSV friendly format


Include shopping results data, use for CSV format

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