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Is it possible to handle infinite scroll behavior in this actor?


peerless_pantheon opened this issue
2 months ago

For example on the Reddit, new threads will be shown only when scroll to the most bottom, otherwise there will only 4 items returned at the beginning position.

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Hi Kang,

thanks for you patience and your suggestion! Unfortunately, even though it would be technically possible, it would not fit this Actor's price per result model.

Basically users could scroll very long websites forever or at least long enough to get the cost higher than what they would pay for.

If you are interested, we can add this feature to the Extended GPT Scraper. This crawler is not price per result and users have to provide their own GPT token. It would make sense to add this feature there ;)

I will keep this issue open so others can express their interest as well and we can figure something out. Thanks for you understanding!

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