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Keboola Input Mapping
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Keboola Input Mapping

Keboola Input Mapping

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It parses the input table from Apify <> Keboola extractor and maps the data into another task or actor input.

This actor parses the input table from the Apify <> Keboola extractor and maps the data into another task or actor input. If you haven't used Apify <> Keboola integration yet, this tool is probably not what you're looking for and you should read this article to learn more about integration.


It is not possible to pass the input table from the Keboola extractor into any public actor. Because the Keboola extractor passed the input table using key-value store and the storeId and key of the input table put into actor/task input. And because storeId and key is not part of any public actor and will be omitted. This tool helps you run actor/task from the Keboola extractor and map the input table into actor/task input.

Use Case - Web Scraper

Imagine we have tabled data in a CSV in Keboola in the following format:


We need to run an apify/web-scraper task, where the URL column will be used on input as the "Start URLs". In this case, we'll create a new task for this actor. We will fill "Target Task ID" with the name of the created web-scraper task and "Input mapping function" with a simple JavaScript function that maps CSV into input.

1function inputMappingFunction({ currentInput, parsedInputTableCsv }) {
2    const startUrls = => {
3        return { url: line['URL'] };
4    });
5    return {
6        startUrls,
7    };

We will save the task, go to Keboola, use the created task in Apify extractor, and select the table we want to pass. Keboola-ex After we save and run this configuration, the task should run our target task and use the input created in the mapping function.


If you're struggling with your Apify <> Keboola setup, please ask me for help or contact Apify support.

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