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Keboola Input Mapping
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Keboola Input Mapping

Keboola Input Mapping

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It parses the input table from Apify <> Keboola extractor and maps the data into another task or actor input.

Target Actor ID


Actor ID which mapped input will run.

Target Task ID


Task ID which mapped input will run.

Input mapping function


Function that will create input for target actor or task. It has one parameter context with context.currentInput and context.parsedInputTableCsv. The parsedInputTableCsv are parsed data from CSV passed from keboola extractor. Each line is represent as object, where key is name of column.

Input table record


This field will be set from Keboola integration.

Not using Metamorph


If true, then Metamorph will not be used. Use only in specific cases if metamorph cannot be used for some reason. This option is not recommended and use more compute units.

Default value of this property is false

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