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Free hotels scraper to get data about accommodation on Crawl by keywords or URL. One-click scraping of hotel prices, ratings, reviews, stars, and more.

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Apify actor for extracting data about hotels from provides various types of accommodation all around the world. The user interface is quite friendly for a human user, however to get the data in a machine processable format is not a simple task, since there is no official API. This is where this new Apify actor comes in handy.

This actor extracts hotel data from, it can either extract directly from the hotel list page or navigate to the detail page to get more detailed information. The results can be ordered by any criteria supported by

Since allows only 1000 search results, in case you need to download more, you will need to utilize the useFilters attribute to tell the crawler to enqueue all the criteria filtered pages. This will overcome the limit, but will significantly increase the crawling time.

Input attributes

Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    "search": SEARCH_QUERY,
    "destType": DESTINATION_TYPE,
    "simple": EXTRACT_FROM_LIST,
    "concurrency": MAXIMUM_CONCURRENT_PAGES,
    "checkIn": CHECK_IN_DATE,
    "checkOut": CHECK_OUT_DATE,
    "rooms": NUMBER_OF_ROOMS,
    "adults": NUMBER_OF_ADULTS,
    "children": NUMBER_OF_CHILDREN,
    "currency": PREFERRED_CURRENCY,
    "language": PREFERRED_LANGUAGE,
    "sortBy": BOOKING_SORT_TYPE,
    "propertyType": PROPERTY_TYPE,
    "minMaxPrice": MIN_MAX_PRICE_RANGE,
    "proxyConfig": APIFY_PROXY_CONFIG,
    "extendOutputFunction": EXTEND_OUTPUT_FUNCTION
  • search is the only required attribute. This is the search query.
  • destType specifies type of search, available values are city and region.
  • simple defines if the data should be extracted just from the list page, default is false.
  • useFilters sets if the crawler should utilize criteria filters to overcome the limit for 1000 results.
  • minScore specifies the minimum allowed rating of the hotel to be included in results, default is 8.4.
  • maxPages sets maximum number of pagination pages to be crawled.
  • checkIn check-in date in the yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • checkOut check-out date in the yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • rooms number of rooms to be set for the search.
  • adults number of adults to be set for the search.
  • children number of children to be set for the search.
  • currency preferred currency code to be set on the site.
  • language preferred language code to be set on the site.
  • propertyType type of property to search, it will use filters, so cannot be combined with useFilters. Must be one of the following:
      "Guest houses",
      "Bed and breakfasts",
      "Holiday homes",
      "Holiday parks",
      "Luxury tents"
  • minMaxPrice min-max price range, it will use filters, so cannot be combined with useFilters. Must be one of the following:
  • proxyConfig defines Apify proxy configuration and default group is SHADER, it should respect this format:
    "proxyConfig": {
      "useApifyProxy": true,
      "apifyProxyGroups": [
  • sortBy sets a hotel attribute by which the results will be ordered, must be one of the following.
      "upsort_bh",                 // Show homes first
      "price",                     // Price (lowest first)
      "closest_ski_lift_distance", // Distance to nearest ski lift
      "class",                     // Stars [5->1]
      "class_asc",                 // Stars [1->5]
      "class_and_price",           // Star rating and price
      "distance_from_search"       // Distance from city centre
      "bayesian_review_score"      // Top reviewed
  • extendOutputFunction Function that takes a JQuery handle ($) as argument and returns data that will be merged with the default output, only when simple = false.

Starting with URLs

Instead of search INPUT attribute, it is also possible to start the crawler with an array of startUrls. In such case all the other attributes modifying the URLs will still be applied, it is therefore suggested to use simple urls and set all the other options using INPUT attributes instead of leaving them in the URL to avoid URL parameter clashing. In case the startUrl is a hotel detail page, it will be scraped. In case it is a hotel list page, the result will depend on the simple attribute. If it's true, the page will be scraped, otherwise all the links to detail pages will be added to the queue and scraped afterwards. The startUrls attribute should cotain an array of URLs as follows:

    "startUrls": [
    "simple": false,
    "minScore": 8.4,

Output examples

In case of using the simple INPUT attribute, an example output for a single hotel can look like this:

  "url": "",
  "name": "Centrum Apartments Old Town",
  "rating": 10,
  "reviews": 7,
  "stars": 4,
  "price": 86,
  "currency": "€",
  "roomType": "Deluxe Three-Bedroom Apartment with Terrace",
  "persons": 4,
  "address": "Prague 01, Prague",
  "location": {
    "lat": "14.4199419021606",
    "lng": "50.0903216331068"

Otherwise the output will be much more comprehensive, especially the rooms array, which will however contain data only if the checkIn and checkOut INPUT attributes are set.

  "url": "",
  "name": "Centrum Apartments Old Town",
  "type": "Apartment",
  "description": "Situated in the centre of Prague in a historical building near the Pařížská street, 500 metres from the Old Town Square, the Pragueaparts Old town E offers...",
  "stars": "4",
  "rating": 10,
  "reviews": 7,
  "breakfast": null,
  "checkInFrom": "15:00",
  "checkInTo": "00:00",
  "location": {
    "lat": "50.0903216",
    "lng": "14.4199419"
  "address": {
    "full": "Elišky Krásnohorské 2, Prague, 11000, Czech Republic",
    "postalCode": "11000",
    "street": "Elišky Krásnohorské 2",
    "country": "Czech Republic",
    "region": ""
  "image": "",
  "images": [
  "rooms": [
      "available": true,
      "roomType": "Deluxe Three-Bedroom Apartment with Terrace",
      "bedType": " Bedroom 1: 1 extra-large double bed Bedroom 2: 2 single beds Bedroom 3: 3 single beds and 1 sofa bed ",
      "persons": 1,
      "price": 85.54,
      "currency": "€",
      "features": [
        "80 m²",
        "City view",
        "Flat-screen TV",
        "Air conditioning",
        "Private bathroom",
      "conditions": [

Compute units consumption

Keep in mind that it is much more efficient to run one longer scrape (at least one minute) than more shorter ones because of the startup time.

The average consumption is 1 Compute unit for 75 actor pages scraped


  • The actor will not work without proxy, i.e. if you try running it without setting a proxy, it will fail with a message explaining exactly that. There can be a slight difference in price depending on the proxy you use.

  • will only display maximum of 1000 results, if you need to circumvent this limitation, you can utilize the useFilters INPUT attribute. However, in such case it will not be possible to use any limiting filters in start URLs, because the scraper will override those.

  • If you need to get data about specific rooms, the crawler needs to be started with checkIn and checkOut INPUT attributes ( only shows room info for specific dates).

  • sometimes returns some suggested hotels that are outside of the expected city/region as a recommendation. The ator will return all of them in the crawling results so you may recognize more results than your search.


This scraper is under active development. We are always implementing new features and fixing bugs. If you would like to see a new feature, please submit an issue on GitHub. Check for a list of recent updates


Thank you for trying my actor. I will be very glad for a feedback that you can send to my email If you find any bug, please create an issue on the Github page.