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Anti Captcha Geetest

Anti Captcha Geetest

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Solve Geetest captchas with this actor using service.

Actor anti-captcha-geetest

Anti-captcha-geetest is an actor for solving Geetest captchas using the service. You need to have an anti-captcha subscription to be able to use it. More info at


anticaptchaTokenstring(REQUIRED) your token
websiteURLstring(REQUIRED) the target page URL
gtstring(REQUIRED) gt key taken from the target page HTML
challengestring(REQUIRED) challenge key taken from the target page HTML
serverSubdomainstringThere are some custom implementations of GeeTest which use dedicated API subdomain. In this case simply specify this subdomain here.
userAgentstringif needed, specify the userAgent here
proxyTypestringif needed, proxy address protocol (http or https)
proxyIPAddressstringIP address of the proxy server. To traslate doamin to IP you can use node.js dns module
proxyPortstringproxy port
proxyLoginstringproxy username, if needed
proxyPassstringproxy password, if needed

Call it

To call this actor from your actor code:

1const callInput = {
2    anticaptchaToken,
3    websiteURL,
4    gt,
5    challenge,
6    serverSubdomain,
7    userAgent,
8    proxyType,
9    proxyIPAddress,
10    proxyPort,
11    proxyLogin,
12    proxyPass
15const run = await'emastra/anti-captcha-geetest', callInput);
16console.log('Received result:', run.output.body);


The output will include the solution keys. To finally solve the captcha, these solution keys must be sent to the target page through a http POST request.

Open an issue

If you find any bug, please create an issue on the actor Github page.

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