Anti Captcha Recaptcha

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馃О Actor for solving Google reCAPTCHA using the service. You need to have an anti-captcha subscription.


Act for solving google recaptcha using the service. You need to have an anti-captcha subscription to be able to use it.

The act accepts input in the following format:


You can find CAPTCHA_DATA_SITEKEY on the protected website. It is usually in a "data-sitekey" attribute in an element with a "g-recaptcha" class or id.

Output is the resulting g-recaptcha-response which you have to send the same way the protected website would.
Usually it can be sent in a form input with name="g-recaptcha-response".

Some sites may require the captcha to be solved from the same IP address and/or browser,
in such case it is possible to use the following input attributes (in addition to the default ones).

"proxyType": "http", "proxyAddress": "", "proxyPort": 8080, "proxyLogin": "theLogin", "proxyPassword": "thePassword", "userAgent": "Opera 6.0", "cookies": "name=value; name2=value2"