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Google Trends Scraper

Google Trends Scraper

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Scrape data from Google Trends by search terms or URLs. Specify locations, define time ranges, select categories to get interest by subregion and over time, related queries and topics, and more. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs, or integrate with other tools.

Search terms


(Required if 'spreadsheetId' is not provided) List of search terms to be scraped.

Multiple terms


If checked comma will be handled as search for multiple terms

Default value of this property is false

Time range


Choose a predefined search's time range (defaults to 'Past 12 months')

Value options:

"now 1-H": string"now 4-H": string"now 1-d": string"now 7-d": string"today 1-m": string"today 3-m": string"today 5-y": string"all": string

Default value of this property is ""

Geo area


Get results from a specific geo area (defaults to 'Worldwide')

Value options:

"AF": string"AL": string"DZ": string"AS": string"AD": string"AO": string"AI": string"AQ": string"AG": string"AR": string"AM": string"AW": string"AU": string"AT": string"AZ": string"BS": string"BH": string"BD": string"BB": string"BY": string"BE": string"BZ": string"BJ": string"BM": string"BT": string"BO": string"BQ": string"BA": string"BW": string"BV": string"BR": string"IO": string"BN": string"BG": string"BF": string"BI": string"CV": string"KH": string"CM": string"CA": string"KY": string"CF": string"TD": string"CL": string"CN": string"CX": string"Keeling Islands ": string"CO": string"KM": string"CG": string"CD": string"CK": string"CR": string"CI": string"HR": string"CU": string"CW": string"CY": string"CZ": string"DK": string"DJ": string"DM": string"DO": string"EC": string"EG": string"SV": string"GQ": string"ER": string"EE": string"ET": string"Malvinas ": string"FO": string"FJ": string"FI": string"FR": string"GF": string"PF": string"TF": string"GA": string"GM": string"GE": string"DE": string"GH": string"GI": string"GR": string"GL": string"GD": string"GP": string"GU": string"GT": string"GG": string"GN": string"GW": string"GY": string"HT": string"HM": string"Vatican City State ": string"HN": string"HK": string"HU": string"IS": string"IN": string"ID": string"IR": string"IQ": string"IE": string"IM": string"IL": string"IT": string"JM": string"JP": string"JE": string"JO": string"KZ": string"KE": string"KI": string"the Democratic People's Republic of ": string"the Republic of ": string"KW": string"KG": string"LA": string"LV": string"LB": string"LS": string"LR": string"LY": string"LI": string"LT": string"LU": string"MO": string"MK": string"MG": string"MW": string"MY": string"MV": string"ML": string"MT": string"MH": string"MQ": string"MR": string"MU": string"YT": string"MX": string"FM": string"MD": string"MC": string"MN": string"ME": string"MS": string"MA": string"MZ": string"MM": string"NA": string"NR": string"NP": string"NL": string"NC": string"NZ": string"NI": string"NE": string"NG": string"NU": string"NF": string"MP": string"NO": string"OM": string"PK": string"PW": string"PS": string"PA": string"PG": string"PY": string"PE": string"PH": string"PN": string"PL": string"PT": string"PR": string"QA": string"RE": string"RO": string"RU": string"RW": string"BL": string"SH": string"KN": string"LC": string"French part ": string"PM": string"VC": string"WS": string"SM": string"ST": string"SA": string"SN": string"RS": string"SC": string"SL": string"SG": string"Dutch part ": string"SK": string"SI": string"SB": string"SO": string"ZA": string"GS": string"SS": string"ES": string"LK": string"SD": string"SR": string"SJ": string"SZ": string"SE": string"CH": string"SY": string"TW": string"TJ": string"TZ": string"TH": string"TL": string"TG": string"TK": string"TO": string"TT": string"TN": string"TR": string"TM": string"TC": string"TV": string"UG": string"UA": string"AE": string"GB": string"US": string"UM": string"UY": string"UZ": string"VU": string"VE": string"VN": string"VG": string"VI": string"WF": string"EH": string"YE": string"ZM": string"ZW": string

Default value of this property is ""

Country to view Trends from


Country for residential proxies to ensure correct results

Value options:

"us": string"af": string"al": string"dz": string"as": string"ad": string"ao": string"ai": string"aq": string"ag": string"ar": string"am": string"aw": string"au": string"at": string"az": string"bs": string"bh": string"bd": string"bb": string"by": string"be": string"bz": string"bj": string"bm": string"bt": string"bo": string"ba": string"bw": string"bv": string"br": string"io": string"bn": string"bg": string"bf": string"bi": string"kh": string"cm": string"ca": string"cv": string"ky": string"cf": string"td": string"cl": string"cn": string"cx": string"cc": string"co": string"km": string"cg": string"cd": string"ck": string"cr": string"ci": string"hr": string"cu": string"cy": string"cz": string"dk": string"dj": string"dm": string"do": string"ec": string"eg": string"sv": string"gq": string"er": string"ee": string"et": string"fk": string"fo": string"fj": string"fi": string"fr": string"gf": string"pf": string"tf": string"ga": string"gm": string"ge": string"de": string"gh": string"gi": string"gr": string"gl": string"gd": string"gp": string"gu": string"gt": string"gn": string"gw": string"gy": string"ht": string"hm": string"va": string"hn": string"hk": string"hu": string"is": string"in": string"id": string"ir": string"iq": string"ie": string"il": string"it": string"jm": string"jp": string"jo": string"kz": string"ke": string"ki": string"kp": string"kr": string"kw": string"kg": string"la": string"lv": string"lb": string"ls": string"lr": string"ly": string"li": string"lt": string"lu": string"mo": string"mk": string"mg": string"mw": string"my": string"mv": string"ml": string"mt": string"mh": string"mq": string"mr": string"mu": string"yt": string"mx": string"fm": string"md": string"mc": string"mn": string"me": string"ms": string"ma": string"mz": string"mm": string"na": string"nr": string"np": string"nl": string"an": string"nc": string"nz": string"ni": string"ne": string"ng": string"nu": string"nf": string"mp": string"no": string"om": string"pk": string"pw": string"ps": string"pa": string"pg": string"py": string"pe": string"ph": string"pn": string"pl": string"pt": string"pr": string"qa": string"re": string"ro": string"ru": string"rw": string"sh": string"kn": string"lc": string"pm": string"vc": string"ws": string"sm": string"st": string"sa": string"sn": string"rs": string"sc": string"sl": string"sg": string"sk": string"si": string"sb": string"so": string"za": string"gs": string"ss": string"es": string"lk": string"sd": string"sr": string"sj": string"sz": string"se": string"ch": string"sy": string"tw": string"tj": string"tz": string"th": string"tl": string"tg": string"tk": string"to": string"tt": string"tn": string"tr": string"tm": string"tc": string"tv": string"ug": string"ua": string"ae": string"gb": string"um": string"uy": string"uz": string"vu": string"ve": string"vn": string"vg": string"vi": string"wf": string"eh": string"ye": string"zm": string"zw": string

Do not save snapshot


By default snapshot of each visited Google Trends page saved to KV Store

Default value of this property is false

Google Trends URLs


Copy a Google Trends URL and paste it here.

Google sheet ID (To get input data from Google sheet)


(Optional) Id of the google sheet from where search terms will be loaded. Spreadsheet must have only one column. Row 1 is considered the title of the column so it will not be loaded as a search term. Check the actor documentation for more info.

Is the Google sheet public


If checked you can import a public spreadsheet without need for authorization. For importing private sheets, please read about authorization in the actor documentation.

Default value of this property is false

Category of trends


Choose a category to filter the search for (defaults to 'All categories')

Value options:

"3": string"47": string"44": string"22": string"12": string"5": string"7": string"71": string"8": string"45": string"65": string"11": string"13": string"958": string"19": string"16": string"299": string"14": string"66": string"29": string"533": string"174": string"18": string"20": string"67": string

Default value of this property is ""

Max items


Limit of product items to be scraped. Zero value means no limit.

Default value of this property is 0

Custom time range


Provide custom time range. If present, it takes precedence over regular timeRange. Format is: YYYY-MM-DD YYYY-MM-DD. See examples in the documentation.

Max concurrency


How many pages will be opened in parallel if enough CPU is available.

Default value of this property is 10

Max request retries


How many times will the actor retry a request if it fails.

Default value of this property is 7

Page load timeout


How long it will wait for page loading before it abandons the loading and tries again.

Default value of this property is 180

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